Thursday, September 27, 2012

The landscaping is definitely starting to change as we travel north on the Tennessee River toward Chattanooga.  We traveled 45 miles today, locked through the Scottsboro Lock, and arrived at Goose Pond Marina & Resort in Scottsboro, AL in the early afternoon.  We have found the people we've met in our travels through the rivers to be so gracious and friendly.  Goose Pond is a beautifully well kept marina with laundry facilities, fuel dock and floating docks.  They also provide a courtesy car.

Ralph and I borrowed the car and the first thing we were told was that the speedometer needle will peg at 100.  "...So officer, I don't know how fast I'm going because the speedometer just always says 100 and I couldn't possibly be going that fast..." 

We went into town to get flu shots and  were fortunate to get them at CVS and the nurse was very gentle.  I am such a coward about needles.  Then we drove to "the square" in historic downtown to find the 100+ year old Variety Bakery -- sadly, it was closed. Nevertheless, we had a Plan B and were informed about Daylight Donuts so we stopped there.  An Asian family opened this business only a week ago and we wish them well.  We bought the last apple fritter and cinnamon buns and shared one fritter and one cinnamon bun for dessert this evening. I think the Captain will enjoy the other cinnamon bun with his coffee tomorrow morning.  While downtown, I took some photos of the beautiful architecture in the historic section.   When we returned to the marina I did a load of wash -- if I've learned anything on this trip, it is to never pass up the opportunity to do the laundry.  

I have also posted some photos from last night.  We had the pleasure of dining with Carolyn and John Wade who took us to Ol' Heidelberg -- an authentic German Restaurant for dinner in Huntsville.  Ol' Heidelberg is one of five German Restaurants here.  Dinner was delicious and the company was delightful. Thank you so much, Carolyn and John.  We had a wonderful evening with you.

The Snodgrass Theater, historic Scottsboro

Historic downtown Scottsboro, AL

I love these old shops and I love that they've been preserved

Tonight's back yard

Barely moving, the needle went to 100 and stayed there

Scottsboro Lock elevation 40'

We're seeing mountains now

These are boat houses floating on the water

There are some lovely homes nestled in the woods

This is so strange...on the Tennessee River

John is from England has a delightful accent

Foreground is my dinner -- Black Forest Schnitzel

Ralph and I shared a piece of tiramisu

Carolyn sneaks a bite of John's blueberry tort  till her oreo cheesecake arrived

A Saturn V rocket stands beside the Davidson Center for Space Exploration in Huntsville, AL

I took some photos of many different types of ducks at the Ditto Landing Marina

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