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Yes, this is our Christmas tree.  I was lobbying for a live tree and was almost there...when our local news had a blurb warning anyone buying a live tree or fresh greens for Christmas to exercise caution.  Seems that Christmas trees are coming into Florida with spider mites and aphids.  Well, that did not help my case.  So this is our tree this year.  It got no comment from Mr. Wonderful.

This morning two little cutie pies. Dominick, age 7, and Anthony, age 5, who live across the street, came over with their Mom, Danielle, to bake cookies, dog biscuits and to make chocolates.  We had a wonderful time.  Here are a few pictures of our fun morning:

We worked in the lanai
L-R:  Anthony, Dominick and their Mom, Danielle
Anthony is wearing his Happy New Year hat and Dominick is wearing a sling because he broke his collar bone at judo. :(  And of course, he is right-hand dominant.

Our first batch of dog biscuits

First batch of cookies
Anthony thought Mr. Y. might like a sample

A tray of beautiful cookies to take home and share

My kitchen -- it looked worse than it was

Thank you Danielle for the cute napkin holder!

This week we had a new HVAC system installed by Warnky Heating & Cooling of Ft. Myers.  Before they could begin, Ralph had to lay more flooring in our attic.  It's difficult because of the trusses necessary for our hip roof, but he did a good job. 

Warnky's installers, Terrance, Bryan, Sean and Brett, did meticulous work and had a great work ethic.  They arrived each morning at 7:30.  I made lunch each day and they were most appreciative.  Their supervisor remarked they might have to drag this job out another week, which made me laugh.  We are very pleased with the workmanship and would highly recommend them. 

Here are a few photos:


Removing the old duct work

Striper came  to the garage with her little one wanted to play.

Running copper lines from the outside into the attic

Ralph heading up to the attic

Ralph's first fishing day since we've been home

Striper likes to hang around on the dock

We scooped these two coconuts and a large hunk of plastic out of the canal

New flooring in the attic -- notice the trusses for our hip roof that they had to work around.

The new unit -- it comes apart so they could take it up the pull down stairs into the attic

Another opening to the attic is in our bedroom

The new stuff

The job is just about done.

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