Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday, May 21, 2013
We departed Delaware City Marina at 6:30 AM in a chilly fog.  We traveled north on the Delaware Bay amidst some commercial traffic.  We saw a tug towing a ship, a sight you don't see too often, and a spotter plane working in coordination with a commercial fishing vessel.  We saw dolphin at the entrance to the Cape May channel and spoke to the captain on the American Star Dolphin Watch boat.  The sun was shining and although a bit breezy it was a beautiful afternoon.

In Cape May, NJ we stopped at Utch's for fuel.  When we started our trip, May 23, 2012 our first fuel stop was Utch's. We continued north on the ICW only a short way to Wildwood and anchored in Sunset Lake behind Wildwood. The depths are irregular and there are crab pots and racing buoys around, but we anchored safely for the night.  We traveled 67 miles today.  It was a very long day.  

Here are a few photos:

A tug pulling a ship -- not seen every day, Delaware Bay

This fishing vessel is working with a spotter plane on the Delaware Bay

Spotter plane working with fishing vessel, Delaware Bay

Spotter plane and fishing vessel working together

American Star Dolphin Watch

Cape May Point Lighthouse

Cape May Canal

Sunset Lake behind Wildwood, NJ

Tonight's back yard

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